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A circuit board to charge a LiPo battery?

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    Hi guys I'm creating a prop that's probably going to have a 7,4V 5000 mah 45C RC Lipo battery in it, and I'm planning to keep it permanent in the prop with a charge circut to charge it up with usb perhaps.

    I've thought of using a tp4056 circuit I have laying around and it seems like the internet says it won't work, I have limited knowledge in this but I'm learning more everyday! So far I've read is that I need something that can balance out the about three cells it has? and that this might do the job, is that true? http://www.all-battery.com/PCB74vli-ion2S_32175.aspx

    If not, can you guys recommend me one that will work well with my battery or advise me to do it in another way perhaps?

    Additional information:
    So far it's going to charge a Arduino nano, Arduino H bridge, 1 RGB led 5v, 3-6v DC motor, 3 x Servos 4.8V
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    For Lithium batteries, please use the *exact* charger that is recommended by the manufacturer. Thank you. thread closed.
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