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Physics project for mechanical engineering

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    I am a mechanical engineering 3rd year bachelors student. However, after completion of bachelors, i am going to pursue theoretical physics for masters. Next sem i am to work on my major project ( like a research paper). Is there some topic i can work on, which has elements of Theoretical Physics like quantum mechanics, special relativity, statistical mech or Electromagnetic theory etc. and at the same time has applications in mechanical engineering?
    Quantum mech is preferred.
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    Other than designing a test rig for a theoretical physics experiment, the only thing that comes to mind is nanotechnology, but I don't even think you'll see some quantum effects at that level.
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    Mechanical engineering is arguably one of the most competitive fields in the world. Whether you are a mechanical engineer or studying to become one, you will always need reliable and up-to-date sources and references to get by.

    SAT Preparation
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    Device to function as a Maxwell Demon? Separate fast from slow molecules. Centrifugal devices have been used in past.
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