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A good smoke bomb.

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    Hey, before I get started, I know this is a forum for serious chemists and not punk ass kids who want to screw around, but oh well.

    I tried the 6 part potassium nitrate and 4 part sugar smoke bomb and I was greatly disappointed. I have used those pre-manufactered smoke bombs that use about a half a gram of reactants and give off enough smoke to fill a garage. I would probably need 5 or 6 grams of Sugar and KNO3 to fill a garage.

    What do i need to make a heavy/thick/dense smoke bomb?
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    Im a punk ass kid who wants to screw around :D
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    Alright I am only telling you this since it was told to me. Again I am serious when I say that it is VERY VERY dangerous if there
    1) The concentrations are too high
    2) To much limiting reagent is used.

    But here it is...


    Again only for inrofmative purposes.
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    I really don't think that it was necessary to tell him this information; if he wished to understand any of the chemical theories behind the smoke bomb he would have asked specific questions. There's plenty of information out there on smoke bombs, nevertheless these questions have no educational value whatsoever and inappropriate here at PF.
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    Agreed, closing thread.
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