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A job that will fit me

  1. Oct 11, 2015 #1
    I am wondering which kind of job will suit me the best. I have studied mechanical engineering and love to do the theoretical exercises. I enjoy exercises concerning fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, mechanics, calculus, and so on. I can easily do the theoretical exercises the entire day without getting bored one single minute!

    Yet I do not know of any job in which one has to do that the entire day. Does anybody knows what kind of job will suit me the best?
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    Thans for your reply. I have a few questions.

    Acoustical analsys for buildings? What makes you think that that job will suit me? Are there a lot of theoretical exercises involved?
    I have never looked into geo-sciences but I do know that there is a seperate education for it. Is there any specialistion within this subject that will suit me?
    Stereo systems? Do you mean the design of audio-equipement?
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    That's because what you have described is a student. Unfortunately there are no jobs with what you describe. Academia may be the closest fit.
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    Are there aside from academia any jobs will closely relate to it?
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    Many specialist technical jobs in the aerospace industries have a large content of theoretically based analysis and problem solving .

    Just a few of the more common examples :

    Engine cycle performance .
    Stress .
    Heat transfer .
    Combustion .
    Wing / airframe / turbine / compressor aerodynamics .
    Vibrations .
    Control systems .
    Flight stability .
    Advance projects .
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    I have some bad news for you: There are no such jobs.

    First, there is much more to real world engineering than just the technical design. You have to meet with customers, management, finance, and others to keep them up to date on how the project is going. You need to evaluate how the design is working. You need to stay current and get educated on many more things. You need to maintain licenses and certifications. Review how your designs age in the life cycle, and so on and so forth. If you're spending more than a couple hours of actual time engineering anything, you're probably shirking other responsibilities.

    Second, you must learn to market yourself. No, really, you had better learn how to show others your value. If you ever expect a raise, you had better be prepared to sell your services as an engineer and show how you bring value to the negotiations table.

    If you expect bosses to throw money at you while you lurk in a cubicle and have people drop design projects in to your in-box while you solve them, it ain't happening. The real world is actually a lot more fun than that.
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