A Nice Place to Stay: Thalassopornic UK

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In summary, two colleagues are travelling overseas on a project and are staying at Thalasso Pornic this week. One person is unable to join the trip due to being too busy, but is envious of the stunning location. Another person recommends a resort in New England, The Balsams, for a relaxing and enjoyable vacation. The Balsams offers great food, entertainment, and outdoor activities, and is a popular spot for couples and families. Another person suggests Mohonk Mountain House as another option for a vacation, with a beautiful golf course and peaceful surroundings.
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Two of my colleagues are traveling overseas on a project. This is where they are staying this week.

http://www.thalassopornic.com/uk/cadre.htm [Broken]

I am to busy to go on this trip. :grumpy:
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wa wa we waw! Damn, gorgeous!
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Wow, how could you be tooooooooo busy for that?
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:bugeye: :bugeye: :bugeye: :bugeye: WOW! That place looks amazing!
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Well, if you can take time to run through Maine and the Maritimes, you'll have prettier shots than that to share. I've stayed in a ton of hotels and have eaten in more restaurants than I care to remember, and I've never been happier than when I was at home. If you can head north and make your run across Maine through northern NH, I heartily recommend a pit-stop at The Balsams, one of the nicest resorts in New England. The rooms are simple, the meals are incredible, and the opportunities for entertainment and recreation are outstanding. Even out-of-shape folks can benefit from a hike to Table Rock - folks that are afraid of heights won't get the full benefit, because the table is undercut, and it feels like you are standing in mid-air. Out of a dozen or so people I have trekked up there with, only two could bring themselves to walk out on the rim and look around - most of the rest crawled out and a several wouldn't venture out there at all.
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Man I got to change fields to something I could take the wife on a business trip and pamper her for a while...
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Wow, this reminded me that I need a vacation!
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Makes me think I'm in the wrong field. :rolleyes:
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The Balsams is similar in some respects, but more laid-back and Old-World. The place is clean and quiet, with some of the finest chefs in the travel business. I've talked to the staff, and it seems that many of them have "graduated" to the Balsams from the cruise industry so they could enjoy the surroundings, have a family, and ditch the grind of the cruise schedules. It's a cold and sometimes isolated place in the winter, but the winter sports are great, and in the summer, you can see Canada from the golf course and enjoy comfortable cool breezes. Of course, come presidential primary time, you can show up after midnight and be the very first town to have your votes registered in the country. It's a great place to spend your second honeymoon, if you don't need a casino and cable TV to keep you entertained. In fact, I don't think there is a TV or a radio in any guest room - much in keeping with Maine's soon-defunct Black Point Inn. Your occupancy there could get you a reduced rate and a guaranteed tee-time at a really nice old PGA-class golf course that would hand you a real lesson humility. Not accurate off the tees? Bungle your approach shot? Better settle for double/triple bogey at best. That pretty little course is a bear!
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Astronuc said:
Here's a place not too far from me.

Mohonk Mountain House

Now I got to change fields...

1. What is "A Nice Place to Stay: Thalassopornic UK"?

"A Nice Place to Stay: Thalassopornic UK" is a scientific study conducted by a team of researchers that explores the effects of oceanic environments on human well-being and health. It focuses on the coastal areas of the United Kingdom and their potential as therapeutic spaces.

2. What inspired the study of Thalassopornic UK?

The study was inspired by the growing interest in the health benefits of spending time near the ocean. Many studies have shown that being near the sea can have a positive impact on mental and physical health, and this research aims to further explore and understand those effects in a specific location.

3. Who conducted the study and how was it conducted?

The study was conducted by a team of scientists and researchers from various disciplines, including marine biology, psychology, and public health. The research was carried out through a combination of surveys, interviews, and field observations in different coastal areas of the UK.

4. What were the main findings of the study?

The study found that spending time near the ocean has numerous benefits for human well-being, such as reducing stress and anxiety, improving mood and sleep, and promoting physical activity. It also highlighted the importance of preserving and protecting coastal environments for their potential as therapeutic spaces.

5. How can the findings of this study be applied in real life?

The findings of this study can be used to inform and guide the development of policies and practices that promote the use of coastal areas for therapeutic purposes. It can also be used to raise awareness of the importance of protecting these environments and to encourage individuals to incorporate more oceanic activities into their daily lives for better health and well-being.

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