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A power cycle receives heat input from solar collectors..

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    I am having trouble with this problem. I have drawn the diagram , but don't know how I can attach it onto this post. But, for a I have COP= Qin/Wcycle = 650 J/m^2 s / Wcycle = 32.5 kW/Wcycle --> Wcycle = 10.15 kW. But,that is the wrong answer.http://[ATTACH=full]199894[/ATTACH]
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    Hi hc23881

    I suspect that you have not applied COP correctly.

    For cooling one is interested in the heat removed from the place you want to cool. ie Qin
    For heating one is interested in the heat supplied to the place one wants to heat ie Qout

    For both there is a work input into the heat engine, ie W

    And you have to manipulate the Qin, Qou, W, and COP for the applicable scenario.

    By the way, there is a homework section for problems, which has a template. And best of all, a whole bunch of PF'ers ready to jump in and help out.
    Have a look, when you need assistance for other problems, or perhaps more help for this one if need be.

    ( By the way I think the answer is 14.13 kw. If not I'll have to go ask for help too )
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