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Homework Help: A Probelem with sketching circular functions

  1. May 21, 2009 #1
    Can anyone please explain to me steps involved in sketching sin , cos , tan and their inverse function ?
    Thanks a lot
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    I assume you mean graphing y= sin(x), y= cos(x), y= tan(x) and the graphs of the inverse functions, y= arcsin(x), y= arccos(x), y= arctan(x).

    Pick a number of values for x, say, x= 0, [itex]\pm \pi/4[/itex], [itex]\pm \pi/2[/itex],[itex]3\pi/4[/itex], etc. Calculate the corresponding y values, sin(0), cos(0), tan(0), etc. and mark the points [itex](0, sin(0))[/itex], [itex](\pi/4, sin(\pi/4)[/itex], etc. then draw a smooth curve through those points to graph y= sin(x) and do the corresponding thing for y= cos(x) and y= tan(x). For the inverse functions, reverse the (x,y) pairs, mark those points and then draw a smooth curve through those.
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