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A question about gravitational time dilation

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    Hello , my question is : If we could observe a planet life so far away from the earth with so much gravity that it makes time pass more slowly on that planet , what would we see? Like what can we say about motions of lifeforms living on that planet? Would they be moving in slow-motion in the image we recieve?
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    We wouldn't really know how fast they actually move (without doing some calculations), but the processes we do know from Earth, would look slower.
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    Under different gravitation, the lifeforms are expected to be different...but if human beings could live there and move
    as they did on earth, then yes. In another word, the proper time interval on that planet corresponds to a longer proper time interval on earth (or distant coordinate time interval, if the field of the earth is insignificant). (E.g. in the Schwarzchild metric, it would be reduced by factor of sqrt(1-GM/c^2r), though r is not exactly radial distanc)
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