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A question from from thermodynamics

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    I was doing chapter named kinetic theory of gases from a book. here's the question.

    A mercury monometer consists of two unequal arms of equal cross section area 1 cm^2 and lengths 100 cm and 50 cms. The two open ends are sealed with air in the tube at a pressure of 80 cm of mercury. some amount of mercury is now induced in the monometer through the stopclock connected to it. If mercury rises in the short tube to a length 10 cm in steady state, find the length of mercury column rised in the longer tube.
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    Simon Bridge

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    Welcome to PF;
    That's a good problem to do - how are you attempting it? Usually you will find clues in the chapter you just read.

    In general you will learn best by attempting the problem - usually badly, but you may surprise yourself, and then we can help you where you get stuck. I know - it's a pain ;)

    Some tips: I'm guessing the devices are...
    * manometer (not monometer)
    * stopcock (not stopclock)
    ... the problem is checking you understand how a manometer works ...
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