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A question on electric current's density & flow.

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    is this true? thanks for help.

    i wished to abstract (generalize on topic) from electric current in physical wires, to for example in air.

    i hope this is in proper forum section.
    Electric current's density J depends on electric current's intensity I measured in (A) & on conductor wire's gauge S measured in mm2.

    It is described by a physical formula:

    J = I / S,

    - J is electric current's density, measured in A / mm2,
    - I is electric current's intensity, measured in A,
    - S is conductor wire's gauge, measured in mm2.

    As electrons flow between two points with different electric potential (amount of electrons & positrons in an atom), physical medium resists their flow & gets heated.

    Amount of heat depends on:
    - conductor wire's gauge, measured in mm2 - the more matter the less heat,
    - electric intensity - the more amperes the more heat,
    - conductor wire's material - the more resistance the more heat.

    in thinner conductor wires, electrons flow faster.
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    Heat = [itex] rI^{2}[/itex]. Power transmitted = U⋅I.
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