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A rigid building.

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    Assume a rigid building(assume the building to be like a pyramid and its empty inside) to be vacuum.
    If we open a hole(about r=.5m), then, how long will it take for the air to take up of the whole space apprximately?

    Will, it's just curiosity because I found a little pump in a class room could result in fast moving air in the slit around the door...

    Thank you..

    If the condition is not specific enough, please tell me..
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    I won't be able to answer you directly. However you did leave out some important details. First, how big is the building? Second, where is it (on earth - at what altitude?)?
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    ... well... we can just assume it to be a orthoprism with length of 100m .
    and emmm at north pole.

    BTW, can you tell me why the altitude matters in this case ?
    Thank you.~
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    Air pressure is a function of altitiude, so at higher altitudes the vacuum filling would take longer.
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