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Ability to feel eletrical/magnetic fields?

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    ability to feel eletrical/magnetic fields???

    are there anyone here who has worked in a manufactoring environment? I have found that when stepping out into areas with higher amplitude eletrical fields, I get a strange feel where my chest feels heavy and breathing becomes more difficult.

    Any other electrical engineers who have experienced this?
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    If you're having those kind of symptoms, you should probably avoid fields of those magnitudes.

    I've been around high voltage and you can feel it. But they were mostly DC fields. I've never been near a field that would cause the cardiac problems you're describing. Keep in mind the body runs on electricity in the form of nerve, cardiac, and brain activity. So it's not really surprising that high energy fields could have a disruptive effect on your innards.
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    I have worked in some very high magnetic fields - no physical sensation, but I did have my credit cards erased. - not kidding.

    The application is chlorine plant - 200KA DC current. -- The operators in the control room could tell how hard they were running by how much the images on the CRT computer screens were shifting.
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    I've worked along side an aluminum potline also with 200kA DC current. We measured the field at 200 gauss. This was in the 1970s before electronic watches. Vending machines wouldn't work either. The only watches that would work were Timex because they had brass gears. The watches with steel gears all stopped. I felt no effects but my keys would move around in my pockets and my toolbox would rotate as I carried it.

    I was installing radio controls on the cranes and the magnetic fields saturated the ferrite cores of the transformers in the receivers and destroyed their tuning. We tried using a mu-metal case but that didn't help.
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