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About avira AV

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    I have recently bought a pc.I want to know about avira antivirus.can anyone tell me Is avira reliable? is not, Please give me some tips which antivirus I should use. This is Urgent please reply soon.
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    If you are letting one antivirus do all the work then Kaspersky is the best!but if you are more tech savy you would use multiple antivirus focusing on its best points!!
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    In general multiple anti- virus is not a good idea. They get into each others way.

    There are 3 free anti-virus programs which are very popular (AVG, Avast, Avira). AVG has a slight advantage in that it does two important things (where the others do only one) checks e-mail and provides for scheduled scanning.
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    I use Avast. The threat database is updated at least once a day.
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