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About College/Univeristy

  1. Aug 7, 2007 #1

    Just to clear things up, I am by no means here for mathematics/physics help but for help about college/univeristy choices. I joined as I seen there were many members and hopefully I'd get a response from those who are more knowledgable about uni/college.

    I graduated from highschool this year and planned on going to college. Through grade 12 I struggled on picking classes because I didn't know if I wanted to go to college or university. I am done highschool and have three grade 12 U/M credits and 3 grade 11 U/M classes. In canada you need six grade 12 U/M credits to go to University.

    I applied at hairdressing school and was accepted, I haven't payed tuition, so it isn't a permanent decision. Now I am second guessing my decision. I've always had a great interest In english and literature. I have my Eng3u as I planned on going to university. However, I didn't get my Eng4u as I decided throughout the year I'd go to college, not university. As you can see, this has been an internal battle for a while haha.

    So I guess my question is: Do you think it'd be a good idea to return to highschool and get the 3 grade 12 U/M credits I need to study english? I chose hairdressing as I thought it seemed fun, but really feel as though it isn't something I'd like to do forever, as the pay is low, it is physically demanding, etc. By the way, I am very poor at math and science( I have workplace/locally developed credits in that area!) and only am successful in English, social sciences and history( which is where I have academic credits)

    Thanks for your input. Kaity
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    If you haven't taken an extra year of high school, then sure go for it. Lots of students in Ontario are still going back for an extra year of high school, which is good for you. (It's an Ontario thing, not Canada. :tongue:)

    Personally, I would go for the English major because it opens up a lot more doors to your future. People ask what kind of jobs? Hmmm... lots of them, like management, recruitment, human ressources, public relations, and the list goes on. Lots of job will also require a degree for no particular reason, just to weed out a lot of applicants. An English degree will also let you apply to those jobs too. Also, you can always do hair dressing part-time afterwards. Doing a degree part-time during the evening hours is virtually impossible in Canada. Our schools don't offer courses throughout the whole day, so you'll be forced to take about 2 days off a week to attend courses.

    Any other questions?
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    Another good website you can try is...


    It's a Canadian forum. I must warn you that most students on there are arrogant. Most of them are going into business and only choose programs because it has a high cut-off average. Don't ask me why someone would choose a program because it has a high cut-off average because that is beyond me.

    Something to look at I guess.
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    Thank you for your reply! It was really helpful. And yes I agree, the english degree would be very versatile!

    I do have one more question.. If I were to major in English, would my math credits and grade 11 science being at the workplace level ( not as advanced as the applied courses ) be a problem? My grades are fair in the subjects, ranging from 67%-85%. My academic credits are from english, history and social sciences. I am very aware math is not in my future, haha. Thanks again
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