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About curvature

  1. May 26, 2007 #1
    hallow everyone
    i am a tenth-grade student in Taiwan.What i want to know is that how to proove the curvature at point (a,(f(a))(assume f(x) is smooth at this point) is
    i've thought this way:consider a circle first 未命名.JPG
    in this circle the curvature at point P is lim arcPR/A as R approachs P ,curvature at point Q supposesd to be lim arcQR/(A-B) as R approachs Q
    it might be d(arcQR)/d(A-B),equaling to d(arcQR)/d(A-(A-B)),because (A-B) is constant,it also equals to arcPR/A
    So if we draw an ossculating cirsle at (a,(f(a)) ,we can reply the conclusion to deal with the problem,is this saying right??
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