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About pythia

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    I'm Chen.

    Recently I was trying to study the neutrino interaction with electron.


    can Pythia generate the event of ( e , neutrino ->...) ?

    if so, please help me for input program.


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    What is Pythia exactly?
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    it is an event generator
    written by Cern using montecarlo method
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    Well, I was going to say that the majority of its main authors are at Fermilab, but checking I see that only two of five are at Fermilab, and there is even one at CERN (the other two are at Lund).

    That page says,
    PYTHIA and its ilk are concerned with e+e- and hadronic colliders, which do not involve neutrinos in the initial state, so I don't think you're going to have much luck. You may be able to find more directly relevant software listed here, but I would try starting with MadGraph, myself.
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    In my experience, Pythia can generally do absolutely anything other than whatever the specific thing you want it to do is...

    Seriously though, MadGraph and CalcHEP are probably your best bets (provided you don't need to go beyond leading order). If you want Standard Model results, MadGraph is probably the better choice; but, if you need to build your own models, CalcHEP is often simpler.
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