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About the Kirchhoff's circuit laws

  1. Jun 4, 2014 #1
    The Kirchhoff's circuit laws are what there are of better for compute the current and voltage in anywhere of a circuit? Or exist another theory more simple, more practice and more general?
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    Simon Bridge

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    Which rules are best depends on the situation and what you want to know.
    Kirchoff's laws are very useful in a wide range of situations.
    The more general the rule the harder it is to apply - you can just use Maxwell's equations for eg.
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    Maxwell's equations are the "more general" (but not more simple or more practical) laws of electromagnetism.

    Kirchoff's laws can be derived from Maxwell's equations under certain assumptions ( which mainly are 1.The energy radiated by the circuit is negligible (comparing it to the energy stored in the circuit) and 2. The wavelength of the current(s) is much bigger than the dimensions of the circuit(s)).

    It is considered to be an overkill to use Maxwell equations just to get the values of the voltages and the currents in circuits. Kirchoff's laws are used for that and they give as values that are close to 99%+ of what we would have got if we would have used Maxwell's equations.
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    What are you talking about? Kirchhoff's laws are the simple and practical and general laws for solving circuits.
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    There is nothing that is both simpler and more general.

    Perhaps you can explain why you are asking the question. Is there something specific about Kirchoff's laws that you find challenging?
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