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Accleration time for electric supercharger

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    Hello everybody..

    I am stuck with a question here. I have to estimate time for an electric supercharger to reach from 40-120k rpm. Impeller inertia is negligible.
    Max torque=2 Nm, bearing drag profile=0.001 Nm/krpm, diameter=30mm, Lenght=100mm
    Shaft is solid steel with density =7.85 kg/cm3

    Can anybody please help me with this. Thanks in advance
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    What is the context of the question? What is the application? What is your technical background? We can be of more help if we know more...
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    I am a mechanical engineering graduate. Dont know much about electric motors but will understand if somebody put me in right direction.
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    jim hardy

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    You can calculate its moment of inertia

    but what about the wind drag? It's a fan or pump of some sort. You are better versed in those than i am.

    And what do we know of motor? All motors have a torque vs speed curve. It will accelerate until torque = drag, and torque = f(speed).
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