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Achlya Ambisexualis

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    I've been doing cloning experiments with Achlya ambisexualis. I'm writing a report but I haven't been able to find any background information whatsoever for the organism. I know it's an oomycete and therefore can write some stuff up about them.. but I can't find any specific info on this organism on google scholar or pubmed. Can anyone help me out?


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    What kind of information are you looking for....life history, evolution, use in science....? There were numeorus articles on that species in both Pubmed and google, but these generally focus less on the fungus and more on what is being done to it. I assume you want to give general intro about the species, which may be best performed, as you state, by an overview of filamentous aquatic fungi in general which you can gain from related species.
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    Thanks Doc,

    Yeah I need it for an introduction to the report. What I've done was basically talk about oomycetes and its research significance.. then focused in on the gene we cloned (in this case it is actin gene). As of now my intro is pretty lame :(

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    This organism's http://annual.sp2000.org/2005/SF-250636-show_species_details.html [Broken])
    Here is something you may want to check out... [URL [Broken] ]John Raper and Alma Barksdale[/url] unravelled the details of heterothallic reproduction using this organism. The pheromone http://www-chem.ucsd.edu/Faculty/bios/mcmorris.html [Broken] is also an important part of its physiology.
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