Medical Active heart rate wrist monitor technology- Without using a chest strap

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    I've been looking for commercial products that are capable of actively sensing the user's heart pulse rate while attached to their wrist. No additional chest strap monitor, etc... included.

    Unlike all wrist-located heart monitors i've found online, i'm looking for one that can actively sense the user's pulse through direct contact with the wrist, opposed to pressing your finger against an on board sensor.

    Does anybody know of existing commercial technology allowing wrist-based active heart monitors?

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  4. Check the Mio watch.

    It uses electrical sensors to measure your ECG signal.
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    Perfect! Thank you very much bPositive
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    Google for cardio training heart rate monitor. Plenty of models, Mio included.

    You can't easily direct ultrasonic pulses from the wrist to the heart.
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    I agree that transmission from the wrist to the heart is impractical for this purpose. But i'm not focusing on getting the pulse directly from the heart. I was more focused on (hah, literally..) using the wrist's cross section profile. I would like to send pulses from one side of your wrist to the other side. The wrist-band's transducer would send waves that pass through the larger blood veins located directly above the wrist's bottom sensor. Fluctuations in blood pressure from the heart beats and the subsequent flow in the surrounding tissue would, I presume, be observed in the traveling waves through the wrist.


  8. Look at:
    Jean Luc
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    I want to use the wrist-bound heart rate monitor to easily and conveniently measure a user's heart rate while data is sent to a computer via a USB cable. The computer analyzes the pulse rate and when the pulse rate drops below a set (adjustable) BPM the computer initiates a sequence that tells the computer program when the user is asleep.

    I don't want a chest-strap because it's far too cumbersome... I also don't want to use a fingernail-type sensor because the user will be using their hands to complete a task.

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    So the person is tethered to a computer with a USB cord? I would think pulse rate would not be a very good indicator of sleep.
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    I agree with you Evo, but i'm having difficulty finding another suitable solution.
    Specifically*, I need to be able to quickly and easily detect whither or not a person is about to fall asleep. For instance, i'm at work on my computer and its the middle of the night and i'm about to fall asleep at my desk. I want the computer to wake me up again as soon as it knows i'm about to fall asleep. That is the challenge.

    I need contact with the person's skin for the remainder of the experiment. Since i'm already in contact with the person's skin I thought a wrist-based HRM would be a simple solution. I can't use a finger nail mounted HRM because it would interfere with computer typing or hand writing.

    I realize my goal is a bit, well, strange. But it's final application I would like to patent and sell.

    Thanks for your input!

  14. Hi,

    Any development since? I'm looking for a similar product, both for research and potential app development. I need it to transmit wirelessly to a pc or system, as chest straps transmit to wrist displays. "Better" rather depends on the context in which the sensor is being used. Current products seem to have a very narrow focus on the sports and fitness market.

  15. Hi,

    What did you use in the end for this task? I have exactly the same problem.
    Currently using index finger monitors that get in the way of a task that the user needs to complete.

    There must be a product out there!?

  16. Yes, such technology exists. It looks like you're looking for a continuous reading (don't need to touch with fingers) of the heart rate without a chest strap. They are rare, but they do exist. If you want a device (iPhone) to read it out, I'd probably suggest the Rhythm, and if you want to read it straight off the watch, I'd suggest the ePulse 2.

    I actually recently created a website analyzing different heart rate monitors without chest straps. Here's the page for continuous ones:

    Be warned that common complaints among heart rate monitors without chest straps is that they are less accurate/reliable - at least when doing very strenuous exercise. Some people hate them, others love them.
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