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Adaptive Internet Radio

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    Anyone ever hear of or use Pandora?


    Basically, it's an internet radio website where you input the name of a song or band you like. It will then play that song or a song from that band. After that it will pick other songs, many from other bands, that it thinks you will like based off of your first decision. So, far I think it works pretty well. It has a huge selection of songs, as well.
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    Yep, it's pretty cool!

    I used it for more than one year and then some bad guys stopped it from working in Canada. There are many others like imeem trying to do the same thing but none of them are as good as pandora

    I also like

    but imeem is favorite!
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    Yeah, its OK. But you can't fast skip too many songs...AND it doesn't work with DownloadHelper, which is what I do with songs on myspace profiles to get free music...
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    I use pandora, but im getting to the point where I've heard all the songs so many times that I start thumbs downing them. I gotta put in new seeds to get some better results.

    Ive noticed its been slow lately. When you click next it times out.

    Id link my pandora, but I dont know how. Oh well.
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