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Adding Auxillery input to a car stereo

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    I have a pioneer kdc-217 stereo for my car. Currently I use an fm transmitter and it works fine but it is just a hassle to get out and I get some interference. I found a link online on how to add a aux input by basically soldering a 1/8 inch jack to a chip that has a right line and left line input. I just got done stripping my whole unit apart and I searched online about each individual chip and I couldn't find jack (pun intended). As I put it back together I saw the fm antenna line input and I was thinking that there might be a way to have the singnal come in through there. Is there a way to take a stereo signal and convert it to the signal that fm takes and then convert it back to audio? This is the link I used.

    http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2007/08/how_to_adding_auxiliary_i.html [Broken]
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    No, there's no way to put a line level input through an antenna input.

    - Warren
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    Try searching google for "FM Modulator".
    Basically a FM transmitter that plugs into the Antenna jack on the car radio and also has stereo jacks for your audio equipment.

    You can probably buy one any place that sells car audio.
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    So it is like a fm transmitter only it doesn't transmit the signal wirelessly? Thanks for your help
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    Depending on the car, people might make adapters. I bought myself a tape deck ($250!)so I could solder a headphones jack into it and then a few months later hobbyists started manufacturing adapters that plug into the tape deck plug. http://www.sylfex.com/products/AuxMod/
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