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AdS/CFT derived from Kaluza theory

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    Has there been a major breakthrough in AdS/CFT correspondence? The maths are so simple compared to what I normally read on AdS/CFT. Could this be accurate? Accurate or not, this an excellent theoretical exercise in the braneworld.

    https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BxV2HFmw-aNMcEktN3Jhd0d4eW8/edit [Broken]
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    I wish someone could answer to this question...
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    The paper is nonsensical. It is so nonsensical that I don't even want to discuss it, because that will just encourage the author to try to explain it to me.
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    glad you posted...I didn't understand the math, but that paper seemed REALLY weird!!

    Like, poor introduction and no conclusions??????
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    I agree. I think the scientific community's unified use English for scientific communication has a purpose. When a paper like this appears written in Esperanto using the wingdings dingbat font it can be nothing other than pure nonsense. Who even knows Esperanto or can read the dingbat fonts? The only reason I posted this is because I did understand the math which appears to explain AdS/CFT better than anyone else has.
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    AdS/CFT duality is a highly nontrivial equivalence between two quantum theories. The bulk of this paper talks about purely classical relations like boundary conditions. Quantum mechanics hardly shows up, except for a few token comments.
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    This paper has not been published in a peer-reviewed journal. Therefore, we don't allow it on this forum.

    Thread locked.
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