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Homework Help: Advice on studying series

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    I just finished improper integrals and am about to learn series in my calc class. Does anyone have any advice/words of encouragement?
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    Oh My God XO
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    Realize there are two fundamental questions with series. Does it diverge or converge and if it converges what is it's sum. The former you will learn a lot of the test, that latter you will rarely find the answer.
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    You'll probably start with simple geometric series, which are easy to sum and determine convergence, and (if it's AP Calc) go up to Taylor Polynomials, which are used to approximate transcendental functions (among other things). Make sure that you learn all of the tests for convergence, and try to recognize patterns in the series. Often times you'll be given series that resemble one of your formulas, and you have to manipulate the series so that it resembles that formula, at which point you can apply a test.
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