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ADVICE Welcomed - EE Major / Physics Major / Computer Programming

  1. Jul 1, 2012 #1
    I am going to Penn State next year as a freshman undergraduate for Physics and EE. I need advice from others who have been through the typical freshman and Sophomore years and the typical experience. Specifically, are there are recommended books/texts that I should have next year for both Physics and EE? Such as study guides or supplemental reading that could aid in any in-class? I am speaking generally for both Physics and EE.

    Also, later in ungrad study, how far will programming go. I have searched certain selective posts that offer the notion that programming is later necessary for research in Physics atleast. I don't have any knowledge of effective computer programming. I don't know if programming is typically a bonus for a Physics and EE Double Major? Maybe for future research in Undergrad, Grad and in the field itself? Also if so, what type of language is typically used?

    Any help would be appreciated. I know I may have been general in my questions, Ill specify if needed. Thanks
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    I'm getting ready to transfer to my university where I'll be majoring in physics and EE. Basically the first year is just your basic general classes, (where I'm from it is, but i hear it is everywhere). You take a math, science, english, history, and probably an elective. So you'll probably take the first of the physics or possibly a chemistry. You can go to the university page and look up the books you're going to need for the classes and just get the study guides that they offer with them, and skim through them to see if there is anything that you're completely confused by, I'd just enjoy the rest of your summer because you'll be studying alot during the regular school year.
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