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Aerospace Aerospace engineering book

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    If you are not very good at math, those books are not for the faint of heart.
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    Actually i have a good background in both physics and math. It's just that i have never studied enginnering before. Anyway, i got the first one and i find it very enlightening so far. Thank you for your your answers.
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    As an aero PhD once told me..."you can't get far in aerodynamics without the maths". :cry:
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    I think that this applies to every subfield of physics.
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    Hear, hear!...

    It still makes me wanna :cry: however!
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    "It still makes me wanna :cry: how ever!"
    May this site helps you "2020ok.com" if you wanna ebooks on engineering..
    2020ok.com > Engineering > Aerospace > Aerodynamics > Aeronautics in Theory and Experiments
    And there are many ebooks on Aerospace engineering.
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    I'm looking for some on aircraft design, and I'm having issues finding one. Does anyone know and particularly good ones?
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    I have Raymer's "Aircraft Design: A Conceptual Approach". Raymer is very straightforward and provides many rules of thumb to keep initial design as simple as possible. Don't expect derivations however. Very practical book in my opinion.
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    At this phase I'm not too interested in the derivation of the equations, so it's not an issue. I'll see if I can find a copy. Thanks for the tip!
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