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In summary, Jason is working on a website for engineers in the Aerospace industry. He is currently in the process of creating contests to attract engineers to his site. He has a backer who is very interested in the idea and has decided to donate money to fund the contests. If you are interested in helping out, Jason is open to critiques and suggestions.
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Hi everyone this is my first time posting on this forum and I didn't know where to put this so hopefully this doesn't get marked as spam. I am actually a Graphic Designer studying at Boston University, and I am working on an Aerospace Design Contest website for engineers in the Aerospace industry. I choose the Aerospace industry because it covers almost all the different fields of engineering. I have a lot engineering friend who inspired me to start up this site. I want to create a hub for engineering working in or interested in the Aerospace field. I have a beta site up and running ( and I am currently working on creating contests to attract engineers. I have a backer who is very interested in the idea and has decided to donate money to fund the contests. So there will be crash prizes for all the contests! Currently I need passionate people to help get this website off the ground. I am willing to post the contests that I have up for critiques and for people to actually start working on them. However I posted this here today to see how people feel about the project and if there are any individuals who would be interested in helping out.

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I have just posted up a new contest for a Beer Delivery UAV. If you are interested check out the link below and here are the spec: [Broken]

esign an UAV that is capable of delivering a can of beer to an individual in a stadium.
Its the most crucial moment of the game, and your team is one score away from winning. Unfortunately, that beer you brought 10 minutes ago is now empty.
You don't want to miss the the action and definitely don't want to make everyone in your row stand up again. Instead, you decide to have your next beer delivered to you via the stadium's UAV Beer Delivery System.
In minutes, an ice cold beer is delivered directly to you while you watch the game from your seat. You just reach up and grab the beer from the hovering UAV.
You enjoy your drink and the game without missing a beat while the UAV flies on to deliver the next beer.

In this contest, create a design for a UAV system that can hold and carry two cans of beer to an individual seated in a crowded stadium.

Engineering skills required: mechanical, electrical, aeronautical, hardware, software.
Group Work Recommended for this project

Design a unmanned aerial vehicle that is able to carry at least 2 cans of beer across a stadium and return to base (1000m)
Design must include take-off, landing, propulsion, control and hovering requirements.
Design must include a mechanism to carry two beer cans in flight and release them at the target location
Assume UAV is remote controlled

Submissions must include:
Multiple images of proposed design
Write-up of design considerations, trade-offs and assumptions made
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What is Aerospace Engineering Contest Site?

Aerospace Engineering Contest Site is an online platform that hosts engineering competitions related to the field of aerospace. It provides opportunities for engineers and students to showcase their skills and knowledge in various aerospace-related challenges.

Who can participate in the contests?

The contests on Aerospace Engineering Contest Site are open to anyone with an interest in aerospace engineering. This includes professionals, students, and hobbyists from all over the world. Participants may work individually or as part of a team.

What types of contests are available on the site?

Aerospace Engineering Contest Site offers a variety of contests that cover different areas of aerospace engineering, such as aircraft design, propulsion systems, and space exploration. The specific challenges and requirements for each contest may vary, but they all focus on solving real-world problems in the field.

How are winners determined?

Winners of the contests on Aerospace Engineering Contest Site are determined based on the evaluation criteria set for each individual challenge. These criteria may include factors such as creativity, feasibility, and efficiency of the solution. A panel of judges, typically composed of experienced aerospace engineers and industry professionals, will review and score the submissions to determine the winners.

What are the benefits of participating in these contests?

Participating in the contests on Aerospace Engineering Contest Site offers several benefits. It allows individuals to showcase their skills and knowledge in the field, gain experience in solving real-world engineering problems, and potentially win prizes. It also provides a platform for networking and connecting with other like-minded individuals in the aerospace community.

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