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Aerospace Working in Aerospace in Australia

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    Hi guys

    I'm interested in aerospace engineering. I love aircraft, especially military jets, and certain armaments such as missiles. I would love to design these things. The only problem is I'm in Australia :/

    I have heard a lot that there is absolutely no aerospace engineering in Australia, unless I join the defense force. I am seriously considering this but I was more looking forward to actually designing aircraft instead of little modifacations.

    Is there any way I can become an aerospace engineer, either by working in a different country, or somehow branching off the military scene and into a company such as General Dynamics?

    I would love to hear of some aerospace engineers who work in the Australian Defense Force.
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    Welcome to PF.

    You are correct, there is very little aerospace design or industry in Australia. What engineering does happen is done as part of procurement agreements, behind walls of secrecy.

    It takes a team with good leadership to design an aircraft. No one gets to design aircraft on their first day. It will take 30 years of wide experience during which you need to be deep in the industry to demonstrate your broad technical competency and management skills.

    The RAAF would be an excellent entry point, an engineering education with good pay and conditions would be better than you could buy overseas. Once you are qualified you will be well positioned to move on to O/S employment and further experience, just don't tell the RAAF that at the interview.
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