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Aerospace engineering study and work in the United States

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    I am approaching the end of my current study of electrical engineering - telecommunications. The world of airplanes and flying machines has also been fascinating me for some time now. But for now this is almost entirely unknown field to me. I would be very happy if I could work somewhere in the aerospace business in future and I am thinking to take some additional study after the completion of the current one.
    Now I'm 23 and I'm thinking about moving to the United States after the graduation. In my country in Europe the engineering studies take 5 years so I would be very thankful if anyone could give me some informations about engineering studies and work in the United States (how many years do studies take, how can I apply for study as a foreigner, what's the value of an European degree for American companies, how could I apply for work...).
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    One could enter the US as a student, on a student visa. American universities may accept a degree from an accredited European university. My university had a number of foreign graduate students.

    There is also an H-1B Visa - http://uscis.gov/graphics/howdoi/h1b.htm [Broken] - which allows temporary employment in the US. After some period, one could then apply for "permanent resisdency".

    I think aerospace and aviation are somewhat soft at the moment.
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