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Affects of lower salinity levels in oceans.

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    I was reading some EEIs on how Cyclones affect coral reefs on the Great Barrier Reef and I was read that one of the effects they have on the oceans is that they decrease the salinity levels in the water. I tried to find out why this is such a bad thing, but I cannot find anything on it...

    Can anyone share their insight? please :smile:
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    In order to survive and function properly organisms need to maintain their internal environment against a wide range of external environments. This is property is called homeostasis. An important part of maintaining homeostasis in plants is regulation of osmotic pressure of internal fluids also called osmoregulation. Any disruption will cause the plant cells and their transport systems to malfunction.

    In order to understand this, once must first understand the significance of osmosis in biological systems. I recommend that you go through these sites and look up the material.

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