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After hacking my school network, I have been offered an unofficial job

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    I attend an Alternative school, which is a computer based curriculum. There have been several times where I was messing with their network in miscilanious ways :rofl: I have been supspended, and even temporary transfered to another school for my activities. But everyone seems sympathetic towed my situation, as I have not caused any real harm besides doing kewl things with their network.

    In any event, I have heard from several poeple, who have a good amount of authority in the school system (I.E. principles, vice principles, directors, teachers...) that they are considering the possibility of me being hired to work as an Internet Technician for my school distict. They said I should chanel my knowledge, and do some good with it :uhh: :grumpy: :surprised

    With all that said, I was woundering, what type of work is done as an Internet Techician? I want to know to see if I can handle this type of work. I am merely a Software Programmer.
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    don't take it. fight the system. blah blah blah. you can't stop us all. after all, we're all alike.
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    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: authority. Oh man... smurf let us enjoy this funny moment with a bud light
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    Math Is Hard

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    You should find out who your supervisor would be and ask him/her some intensive questions about what is expected. You wouldn't want to get into a situation where you have a bunch of dimwits expecting you to solve every problem. But if all is to your liking...
    take the job. You'll do well and you'll learn a lot (security, architecture, etc.) All of this will benefit you as a programmer. Besides, it's better to become a Luke Skywalker than a Darth Vader. o:)
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    You're like a peonic version of Frank Abagnale.
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    What qualifications have you got? Don't let this stop you from school, what about part time?

    The same thing happened to me and a few people, they just kicked us out of our junior typing classes and let us play around with some UNIX servers we brought in :D

    What other experience have you got? Don't let them corner you into some job you'll end up resenting. It sounds like you have potential, go for gold.
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    Smurf, fight what system? The system of repairing computers and setting up networks? :rofl: A bud light sounds good right now ;)

    I am 100% self taught, and im only 17.
    As far as software based things go, I can do just about anything (but not everything). I have been programming (I mean, all day) for two years. Starting off with Visual Basic, I now use Delphi, and I am learning C++.
    As far as hardware based things go, I have setup a network, sound / video cards, RAM, had drives, CD drives (and burners), and things along those lines. And of course, I know how to work the settings of firewalls and routers (all of these things I have done on XP).

    Are there any people here who know the exact type of work Internet Technicians do? Or what knowledge is expected of them?
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    Not to sound like a dick but if i was in control there i wouldn't reward someone for breaking the rules. I know it's their own fault for havinga crappy system, and you didn't do any harm, but you know what you did was not allowed.

    To be fair i did similar stupid **** both in middleschool and highschool (although it was mostly stupid script kiddie stuff, nothing worthy of mentioning or to be proud of). Regret it (mostly for disappointing my parents).
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    Take MIH's advice, find out who your supervisor would be and what they expect you to do, and then decide if it's within your abilities (or if they're willing to train you to do the stuff that's outside your abilities). Computers sort of work that way...I think it was around PF somewhere that someone recently pointed out that today's hacker is tomorrow's network security expert. So, yeah, if you can find the vulnerabilities in a system, you're the one who can help them fix them, as long as you're ready to take the high road to becoming an honest, hard-working adult. Heck, even if it doesn't work out for long, it's good work experience to put on your resume when it's time to find your next job. Not many 17 year olds can land such a good first job.
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    You have not even scratched the surface as far as software is concerned.
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    We all know software is a big field. The reason why I have not scratched the surface is because I didnt want to explain all these little things, I merely abbr'd it as "almost everything". I said this because whenever somebody (teacher, student, freinds, myself, admin's) asked me how to do something, I was generally able to give an answer. I am not trying to brag, I know that I dont know everything,

    Why dont you scratch the surface yourself there, Maxwell? :grumpy:

    But I will take MIH's advice. Maybe even the next time I see an IT guy, ill stop and have a chat with him.
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    You should do the ultimate kewl and take the job, then screw up their entire network.

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    That advice for stuborn students won't be of help. What if his parents's jobs are also somewhere out there in similarity ?
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    Let me clear this up. The so called "immoral" things which I did are really simple things. Instsalling software which the comptuer needs, transfering files, and getting the internet to work after they took it off. Now two years ago, I did some worse things, including writing a trojen which I could have used to to keylog admin passwords. But my freinds (which I should never have told) insisted that we do stupid things, like shut down their computers, open their CD rom, and run misc commands. Can you believe that after getting caught with this trojen two years ago, they still kept me in the school! I still have a few problems with that which they accused me of...I question the knowledge of those IT guys.

    In any even, once again, does anybody know what is expected of Internet Technicians? All I have seen these guys do is update software, setup new computers on our Netowk, make registry changes, and install basic hardware components. Now if this is all this job takes, I think anybody who has a half a brain when it comes to a computer can take it on...

    Edit:: Poop-Loops, yea that would be pretty kewl...But once I am on their side, that's it, I am a good guy and there's little turning back! :surprised Us h4x0rs will always have devius thoughts in our hearts, however. :rofl:
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    You can't even spell Trojan...

    I knew a guy who was (is?) an computer type guy at a public school. He does jack. Just updates stuff or fixes something if it needs it. Spends most of his time posting on internet forums. :P Take the job. Having a job where you can just study because there is nothing else to do is a blessing in college.

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    He was the first person I thought of, too. Good movie.

    Yeah, I'd switch to the un-dark? side. Somewhere along the line, the dark side always gets tripped up, usually because the super felon finds a girl friend. :rofl:
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