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Ages of life

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    Here are what I might call the ages of my life:

    Year 0-3: Unremembered.

    Years 3-10: Awakened.

    Years 10-13: Rebellious.

    Years 13-19: Sublime.

    Years 19-25: Disturbed.

    Years 25-35: Idyllic.

    Years 35-41: Panicked.

    Years 41-52: Romantic.

    (Notice the alternations.)

    And yours?
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    Year 0-3: First memories

    Years 3-10: Abused by school, they tell me that they can't deal with children of my inteligence, decide to take my books away.

    Years 10-13:
    Told by the school I was too inteligent and they couldn't teach me.

    Years 13-19: Told I was too advanced.

    Years 19-25: Hell, forced into courses I hated.

    Years 25-35: Went to work at age 18 for a major company and worked my way up. They had they're own university since they were inventing everything and there were no places that could teach the technology.

    Years 35-41: My best years.

    Years 41-52: great years

    Years 53+ suck, suck, suck
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    Year 0-18: Unremembered
    Years 18-19: Awakened
    Years 19-21: Rebellious
    Years 21- : Discovery
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    Evo, I read that initially your teachers -- threatened by your intelligence -- stole your imagination and opportunities, but eventually you became the teacher of the child you always wished for. I'm sure you have described in detail in these forums why these most recent years suck (and I don't think you mean nursing).
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    0-3 bummed around

    3-10 plotted

    10-13 peaked in intelligence relative to cretin classmates

    13-19 had no idea who I was

    19-25 not finished yet but seems to be working out better than expected
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    I've read that a lot of people on here were bored to death in school due to similar situations. My teachers didn't feel threatened, they just didn't have a way to keep up with how fast I was. The result is that I had to self teach myself and the lack of getting an advanced degree in a field of my choice was a mistake I've always regretted. That really is my greatest regret, that I can't hold a candle to the people on here academically. The things you learn in a good school, the methods, the discipline, they're priceless.

    My advice to anyone is to stay in school and go for an advanced degree in what they enjoy. The old days when you can start at the bottom at a company and work your way up is rare nowdays. I was lucky, I started work part time when I started college and soon the opportunities at work were too tempting.

    Anyway, I am trying once again to find out what is physically wrong and have just about every test imaginable scheduled now. Wish me luck.

    I know you've also had to make the best of a difficult situation.

    I'm not fast anymore, chronic lack of sleep has made me a basket case. I've been going downhill for several years. WHINE
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    Love it. :biggrin:
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    0 - 3 Memories of which I'm not sure anymore.

    3 - 5 Trying to mimic everything.

    5 - 12 Wisest, most popular at school, thought most intelligent by teachers.

    12 - 16 Computer games addict, stopped studying out of boredom, bullied at school (<-- oh how much I regret those completely wasted years!)

    16 - 18 Study to get to Uni\ first relationship (= even more wasted time)

    18-21 Got to Engineering, DESTROYED by health issue, depressed, development of a grand worldview.

    21-24 Completely recovered from health issue, athletic, one of the best at uni, popular, 2nd relationship, worldview seems to converge. ( = The best years of my life! It's almost as if I'm unable to feel sad!)

    I couldn't describe with fewer words, there seemed to be so much going on at each age!

    Well I guess no time is wasted time. For example, the thought patterns I developed while playing strategy games online helped me at math later on. And it developed my English as well, having to communicate with other players. But I can't help but think that all this time could have been invested better.

    I enjoy the ride, and I'll keep it up like this for a while... :D
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    0 - yesterday: Unremembered

    today: huh?

    tomorrow: you talkin to me?
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    0 Remember being born

    .01 - 10 Lots of joy, discovery.

    10 - I'm still trying to get past 10.
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    0 - 3 months: Lay around the house eating and sleeping.
    3 months - 38 years: Life of a bachelor.
    38: Got married.
    38 - present: Lay around the house eating and sleeping.
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    No imaginary times?
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