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Air mattress pressure question regarding partial inflation

  1. Nov 3, 2015 #1
    so last night I get on a sleep number bed and the remote reads 35 (unitless - I am assuming this number is related to pressure.) I click it down once to 30 and it deflates nearly completely. I get off the mattress, the reading drops to 5 or 10 and the mattress begins to inflate to 30.

    So this got me thinking.

    if we have a partially inflated air mattress, without any mass on it, I'd expect the pressure inside to be slightly above 1 atm. Then if we put a mass, m, on this mattress, I'd expect the pressure to roughly rise to mg/A, where A is the inner surface area of the barrier. (the mattress being inflated enough so that the mass does not rest on the floor.)

    Now here's where it gets interesting - if the air mattress is more inflated than before, but still only partially inflated (without the mass), is the overall pressure after the mass is added still approximately mg/A ?

    If there is ~constant pressure during partial inflation based on the mass, it would explain the poor response from the mattress (assuming the reading is based on pressure).

    What do you think?
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    So the remote isn't for the TV but for the matress :smile: .

    If we make a small simplification: the contact area between mass and matress is the same in the various scenarios, then the pressures will also be the same: pressure times area must offset mg and that's a constant.

    So I think you have the right picture in mind !

    Sleep well ! :sleep:

  4. Nov 4, 2015 #3
    Thanks! I'd overlooked that the contact area was important... that makes complete sense. I was thinking surface area of the mattress for whatever reason.
    So this means that as it inflates and deflates, a changing contact area means a changing pressure.

    That means my stupid air mattress shouldn't have had a problem. Oh well.
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