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Air Plane question

  1. Mar 3, 2009 #1
    A fully loaded air plane with a mass of 330.2 tonnes is at one end of the runway and about to take off. Assume that the plane starts from rest with constant acceleration until it reaches the take-off speed of 85.81 ms-1. The air plane uses two jet engines each developing 456.7 kN thrust at full power. Neglect air resistance and friction between the tires and the runway.

    Calculate the length of the runway, in metres, required for take-off.

    Any idea how I can be able to start and solve this questions? Hints please.
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    Hi Synergy80, welcome to PF

    your probelm says the plane:
    starts at rest (v0 = 0)
    moves with constant acceleration,
    and you know the power and the final velocity...

    any idea how to relate a, P and v?
    try and show some working
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