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Ajax problem

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    When I using ajax to gather information from a webpage , it show ������� for the chinese character , but when i run the webpage separately it can show the right character.
    I use responseText to gather information and use innerHTML to show on the webpage.What is the problem ?Do i need to set the encoding using javascript , but how ?
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    That's probably because when javascript receives the text string returned from the server it interprets it as ASCII. As far as i know Javascript will only interpret a character string as Unicode if the characters are appropriately escaped. For example, unicode characters in Javascript use the following escape sequence:
    Where #### is a valid hexadecimal digit, such as :
    Code (Text):

    alert("This is a unicode character: \u8880");
    You might need to escape each character appropriately at the server if you want to use Ajax. Maybe you can use an IFrame instead.
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