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Alien consciousness

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    In defining consciousness as it relates to humans, is it reasonable to assume that extra terrestrial life having evolved to an equivalent or higher state will interact with the physical universe in the same way, put simply do you think aliens think/experience like us on a deeper level ???
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    Absolutely not. There is no reason that an alien species would develop our simian visual system with its close brain linkage to our manual control. These two facilities form the greater part of our conscious experience. Whales would think quite differently.
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    so does a blind person given that the greater part of their conscious experience is disconnected think differently and thus experience consciousness in a more profound way ?
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    off on a tangent I was wondering just what do blind people dream of and do they dream in colour ???
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    one can only percieve what one can understand. if someone form the dawn of man, when we first started to dream, had a dream about our persent time he/she wouldnt know what he/she was dreaming of. maby a little recognition of our shapes, which would be near to the same as their own... somthing they could understand. but could they understan a computer screen? likely not. maby the images but they wouldnt have a clue wat they were seeing. im not blind, and i have never even talked to a blind person... btu i would imagin thry would dream of wat they know of. maby their mind would try to paint them a picture of waht they cant see everyday, btu chances are they wouldnt be very acurate.

    i have thought about aliens, it has to be possible. if there is such diversity of life on earth then there must be life throughout the universe. an ant may not paint pictures but they do collect food for the well being of the nest... if that is the right term.

    hypothetical: at the opposite region of the universe, billions of lightyaesr closre to the galactic core than us, there is a planet covered in a strange jelly/mold. it doesnt reproduce because it doesnt die. it has no time becuse it only collects light and space dust. half of it is infected with a hybrid version of itself that consumes its perdesor to create its intricate crystiline structure that it uses to colect even more light that its happen chance parent. evolution is simply the reaction to stimuli (plz excuse my bad spelling). we were blessed with eyes because natural selection. as we evolved from apes who lived in forests, we needed morte complex food sorces. possibly there was a mutant ape who had a horrid skin complexion then made all his hair fall out. well he was also the dominat male. although his offspring all had fur, this introduction of the hairless gene would recure a few tiems every decade or so.
    soon apes were experianceing somthin new, a small memory patern that alloud them to recognize varrious fruits and other food sorses.the heathy apes with the capacity to learn, thrived. they bred with the other apes and thus more were born with a fraction of thought. the strong survive.

    back to our crystal mold: eyes are just complex solar colectors. the new and improved species could determine where the best sorce of light was, although it had no eyes. it just so happened that the best light was on the uninhabited side of the planet. it was uninhabited because the solar radiation was to intence for the former mold slime, but the new crystaliszed mold had no need to shelter itself from the harsh rays, if fact it thrived. so much energy.
    i dont think i have to go any further because either u people are thinkin im dum or you alrady see my point of view
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