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Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer Experiment

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    In the Plenary Session #1 of the Space Nuclear Conference 2005, Samuel C. C. Ting gave a presentation on the AMS-02, the second "Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer." The first, AMS-01, flew aboard the Space Shuttle during Mission STS-91.

    The AMS homepage is - http://ams.cern.ch/AMS/ams_homepage.html

    An experiment to search in space for dark matter, missing matter & antimatter on the international space station.

    AMS-02 is scheduled for launch Oct 2005, but that depends on the Shuttle Schedule.

    AMS-02 is a relatively large experiment designed to look at the distribution of numerous elements (ions) and anti-particles in the galactic cosmic radiation. It has a time resolution of 100 ps and a spatial resolution of 10 microns.

    It has 8 planes of silicon solid-state detectors, representing 8 m2 of detector area, with 200,000 channels.

    AMS II Mechanical Integration Homepage - http://rbecker.home.cern.ch/rbecker/AMSII.html

    The inductance of the AMS-02 magnets is 50 H and the current is 460 A for a stored energy level of 5 MJ.
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