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Alternative differential equations textbook

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    I am taking my first differential equations course. I am using the textbook by Edwards and Penney. My problem with this book is that it holds your hand a little bit too much. I don't like that I have to read huge amounts of explanation just to get a small amount of information. Does anyone know of a text that cover most of what Edwards and Penny covers but is written in a more concise way?
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    A modern introductory book to differential equations is Fundamentals of Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems (6th Edition, 2011) [Hardcover]
    R. Kent Nagle, Edward B. Saff, Arthur David Snider

    I have the 4th edition from 2004.

    Perhaps more commonly used books are those of Boyce and DiPrima (back when I was at university ~30+ years ago). I have the 3rd Ed of Boyce and DiPrima from 1977.

    Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems [Hardcover]
    William E. Boyce and Richard C. DiPrima

    Elementary Differential Equations [Hardcover]
    William E. Boyce, Richard C. DiPrima

    Perhaps my favorite is one by George F. Simmons, Differential Equations with Applications and Historical Notes, McGraw-Hill. My copy is from 1972, but there are more recent editions by the same author.

    Differential Equations: Theory, Technique, and Practice (Walter Rudin Student Series in Advanced Mathematics) [Hardcover], 2006
    George Simmons, Steven Krantz
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    Tenenbaum is excellent for the material usually covered (and more!) in an introductory course on ODE's. As far as more theoretically oriented textbooks go, Arnold is certainly one of the best introductions (then move on to Smale).
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    I like
    Elementary Differential Equations by Earl D. Rainville
    Later edition might be watered down.
    Ordinary Differential Equations by Morris Tenenbaum and Harry Pollard
    nice introduction
    Ordinary Differential Equations by Edward L. Ince
    a treasure
    Ordinary Differential Equations in the Complex Domain by Einar Hille
    Ordinary Differential Equations by V.I. Arnold
    Worthwhile despite Arnold's eccentricities
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