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Alternative of Srednicki

  1. Jun 10, 2013 #1
    I am studying Srednicki' QFT. What I have found is that this book is very terse. And the author often leaves out most of the calculations. Most importantly, this book is written using phi-cubed theory. Can you suggest me another references written using the phi-cubed theory as I can use it as a refernece?
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    I know nothing about this subject but this book by Ryder does look good. It doesn't have exercises, which may be a good thing because the author can't say see Exercise X in lieu of explaining things. And it looks to be a historically-aligned development, which should help with understanding. Is phi to the 4th similar to phi cubed? I don't know.

    As a companion to your book, it may work.
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    I and most of the people I've talked to about this agree that the best way to learn QFT is through a combination of Zee's QFT in a Nutshell and Peskin & Schroeder. The former gives lucid explanations of what's happening conceptually, which is a huge benefit because a lot of the trouble people have learning QFT is figuring out what the heck they're even doing and why. The latter is a necessary supplement because Zee sacrifices computational detail for clarity.
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    Ryder, Zee and Peskin --- this trio are written in $\phi^4$ theory. I don't have any problem with the $\phi^4$ theory but my course teacher is follwing Srednicki. Srednicki is very terse and often leaves out detail discussions let alone the calculations. Srednicki is written in $\phi^3$ theory and I have tought that it would be better if I get another reference written in $\phi^3$ theory.
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