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Alternative science: Action at Distance, Quantum Encryption andCorollaries

  1. Nov 7, 2006 #1
    Here are my thoughts on the paradoxal experiment where information
    seems to travel at infinite speed between two photons correlated at
    their origin.

    In this experiment, two photons with correlated k-vectors (through
    momentum conservation) and polarization (through the relative angle of
    the two transition dipole moments) are detected through polarizers at
    opposing positions in a two arm experiment.

    On each arm there is a polarizer and two detectors.

    Since it is a common view that the polarization of a photon is not
    known until a measurement is performed, the detection of a photon on
    either detector of the each arm can only be correlated if information
    passes to the other photon at the speed of light...:) This is the

    I proposed the simple solution to this experiment. Let's consider the
    thougth experiment where the emiting molecule/atom has two eyeball...
    each one looking in the direction of one arm. They have perfect albeit
    polarized line of sight of each detector.

    The detectors have resonances in the frequencies of the emiting
    photons, otherwise they couldn't detect the photons...:)

    Since they have resonances, they have zero point fluctuations/Black
    Body radiation and thus they will produce "vacuum noise" on the
    direction of the excited molecule/atom.

    The constraints on k-vector imposed by this experiment, the high
    selectivity of outcome (the experiment selects only photons at a very
    small spherical angle) makes the probability of decay through dephasing
    of the initial coherence by this background field a certainty.

    Thus although the electrons don't know their polarization until they
    arrive at the polarizers, they source knows everything and that solves
    the paradox.

    Please read the following blog and let me know your opinion.

    http://hypergeometricaluniverse.blogspot.com/2006/09/gods-most-amazing-parlor-magic-trick.html [Broken]


    Marco Pereira
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