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News Am I being biased towards the issues with NRC Chairman Gregory Jaczko

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    I have been following the situation about the complaints against NRC Chairman Gregory Jaczko by the four NRC Commissioners.

    From what I have seen and heard, I would think that the complaints are legit considering the credentials of the commissioners and the fact two are Democrat and other two are Republican. However, the media and congress people are turning this into a political witch hunt that the Commissioners are being accused of.

    I am not totally familiar with NRC, but it seems to me that some fail to realize how the NRC works. My impressions is that NRC does not have all the technical and scientific expertise to completely regulate the industry. They rely on research and data from Department of Energy and universities to help form policies. I wonder if that might be a factor in why the Commissioner's do not quickly carry out the Chairman's orders.

    About the Yucca Mountain issue, it is apparent that it was pretty much a dead end, but at the same time I would feel by not finishing the safety review, then how else are we going to determine another potential site to store waste. It could be used as a template or benchmark in other analyses.

    Based the media coverage and some of the public, people are saying the NRC is corrupt and that Gregory Jaczko is only voice for Nuclear Safety.

    I am starting to wonder perhaps my reasoning is flawed and I am missing something. Also, curious how much this Congressional mudslinging is going to hurt the NRC and the industry as they are focusing on politics rather than the competency of Jaczko.
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    Please post the article(s) you've read that you are getting your information from. These need to be well known, mainstream media sources and not blogs.
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    Some background



    http://energy.aol.com/2011/12/15/gregory-jaczko-stands-his-nrc-ground-at-hearings/ [Broken]


    Issa's report - http://big.assets.huffingtonpost.com/NRCIssa.pdf

    There does seem to be questions about his personal agenda and objectivity.
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