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AMD v. Intel

  1. AMD

    8 vote(s)
  2. Intel

    16 vote(s)
  1. Jun 2, 2007 #1
    Just out of curiosity I was wondering who prefers AMD over Intel and vice versa. I just built a computer off an AMD X2 processor and love it. I realize that the cache is lower (L2) on the AMD processors now, but how significant of a difference is it? I started getting angry with Intel after two Intel computers that I had failed. They were Dells so that might have been part of the problem. I just tried a few computers with the Core 2 Duo and I must say they were outstanding.

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  3. Jun 2, 2007 #2
    Right now AMD has no good answer to Intel's Core 2 models.
  4. Jun 2, 2007 #3
    I'm biased because I have a mac :biggrin: ... I sure wouldn't complain if apple came out with AMD macs though...
  5. Jun 2, 2007 #4
    One year ago I would have voted AMD, but the intel core 2's beat anything AMD can offer right now. So I guess you could say I prefer whoever offers the better product.
  6. Jun 2, 2007 #5


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    Oh c'mon, how is AMD winning? I haven't even heard of them outside graphics for like a year.
  7. Jun 2, 2007 #6
    Don't you have Intel processors in your Mac? Or is it an older Mac?

  8. Jun 2, 2007 #7
    steve... jobs? is that you? ... I... :eek:

    lol yea I have an intel mac. I need it for editing and music... and procrastinating on PF of course.
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  9. Jun 2, 2007 #8
    Haha no, I wish though. I love the part about procrastinating on PF. The comput ers at school are too slow to procrastinate. The Techs removed DOS and RUN on the start menu so I just made a simple batch program and found out that we were running on <1 GHz computers with 128mb-256mb of ram :grumpy:
  10. Jun 2, 2007 #9
    i voted AMD just to make things interesting and tip the balance. i care more about the GHz than the brand
  11. Jun 2, 2007 #10
    Last time I checked the Pentium D was owning all in GHz and they are dual core. But this doesn't mean they are the best.

  12. Jun 2, 2007 #11


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    Why only AMD and Intel? They're both only x86 vendors. There are many other processor manufacturers out there that produce far more interesting and open processors, such as PowerPC and SPARC. x86 is without a doubt one of the most proprietary architecture. AMD has been sued a number of times by Intel for various infringements, and for anyone but Intel, fabricating x86-compatible CPUs is suicide. With PowerPC and SPARC, on the other hand, the entire architecture is open. These specifications are written from the user's standpoint, and thus, do not specify things like whether or not the CPU should have an MMU, if that MMU should be on the CPU, or even if the MMU could be implemented in software. To begin fabricating SPARCs, all one needs to do is pay $50 to SPARC Intl. to acquire trademark usage and comply with the SPARCv8 or SPARCv9 specificatons. PowerPC follows a similar route.

    And what's ironic is that some of you, I expect, advocate usage of free software, but you're still using very much closed hardware. Truly ironic, don't you think? The two most important components of your systems are closed -- the CPU and the BIOS.
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  13. Jun 2, 2007 #12
    1) Because that's all I felt like putting up.

    2) Disagree.
  14. Jun 2, 2007 #13


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    Perhaps, you should be more informed and read the Wikipedia article on AMD, specifically, the bit about 'litigation with Intel'.


    More likely re: (1) is that's all you've ever heard of.
  15. Jun 2, 2007 #14
    Oh, come on! You can not be serious!

    In response to last sentence.
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  16. Jun 2, 2007 #15


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    No, I'm not joking. Its always been the case that to fabricate x86-compatible CPUs, you must seek an 'agreement' with Intel. Very few companies have this agreement, and one of them is AMD. The majority of other architectures out there, nowadays, do not require this, like SPARC and PowerPC, which anyone can fabricate without the fear of being sued.
  17. Jun 2, 2007 #16
    Not true, but you make assumptions as you wish.

    I also am more than familiar with the cases...

  18. Jun 2, 2007 #17


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    So why do you disagree that x86 is a highly proprietary architecture?
  19. Jun 2, 2007 #18
    Hey, I've never heard of SPARC and PowerPC. If it's better why don't you share some information websites or something, stead of just talking down?
  20. Jun 2, 2007 #19
    SPARC has had endevors with both AMD and Intel...

    Im not denying that it is a highly prioprietary architecture. Im just wondering who likes AMD and who likes Intel. You clearly do not like either and are just pushing SPARC and PowerPC like crazy. I have heard of both of your famed processors . I agree with Smurf also
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  21. Jun 2, 2007 #20
    huh? I havn't voted. I'm using an AMD right now, but usually i use Intel. I don't even know where I'd get anything other than those two.
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