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Amount of Dissolved Gases in Water

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    First off, Greetings everyone!

    I realize this is a pretty broad question, considering these numbers will vary with temperature, pressure and etc. But I was hoping someone could me a average number just so I can get a good idea.

    I'm trying to find out the amounts of dissolved gases are in Water (Both salt and fresh). For example the usual amount of dissolved oxygen is 5-7ppm. I know that the ocean contains CO2, Nitrogen and many other gases from the atmosphere. Does any one have average number for these gases? Like I said, just trying to get an idea here

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    For oxygen and nitrogen you should be able to google values of Henry's constant and calculate typical dissolved gas concentrations from Henry's law. For CO2 it is much more complicated, as it depends on the solution pH and on the concentrations of other acids/bases already present.
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