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An artist who makes money

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    Stephen Tashi

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    Yeah, it's amazing what wood carvers sometimes do. There's a guy in Italy who carves full rooms (dining room table with silverware, bookshelves, etc, full size) and he carved a VW Beetle that he drives around in the canals of Venice to the astonishment of tourists.

    The VW is about half-way down the page here:

    http://greenbuzzz.com/art/most-amazing-and-artistic-wood-carving/ [Broken]

    Obviously not as detailed as the painting on the currency carving you linked to, but an interesting type of carving.
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    I could take a box and pile money inside of it and it still wouldn't look as realistic as his woodcarving of money in a box. That's stupid-good. I wouldn't believe it was wood if I only saw the final product.
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    This just blew my mind:

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