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An Epic Love Story

  1. Aug 7, 2014 #1
    My wife and I met when we were 12. Here's us at about 15-16.

    After high school we lost touch, but following up on a promise to "marry each other if we're not married by 30" we re-met, a few years late, at 33 (we're the same age, two weeks apart).


    We married in 2010 in the house we lived in. Her sister (who's notary certification we paid for this very purpose) officiated the wedding:


    Today we've been married 4 years:

    (This is us just before a date recently. It's important to keep dating after you're married.)


    Happy Anniversary to us!

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    Nice hair, both of you! :wink:
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    Ah, you two are a beautiful couple and seem to really be in love, seems so rare nowadays. So nice!!
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    Heh. It's almost getting back to that length, sans mullet.
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    That's so sweet.
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    That is so cool.

    How come she doesn't have her fabulous smile in the wedding picture?
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    Either she does and you can't see it, or it's the part where we all start crying (happy of course).
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