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Analog Signal Loop/Switch Control?

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    Analog Signal Loop/Switch Control???

    Hello fine people of this board. I have been working on a custom project here for a year or two and I'm stumped at this point. I am working with 16 analog sensor/signal loops (16 ins and 16 outs). There would be 2 main signal inputs, and 2 signal outputs also...

    I need to be able to combine any of the 16 loops (say loop 2 and 6 only, or 4 and 5 only) in any configuration, before or after each other (say loop 6 then into 2, or loop 2 then into 6). Also, I need to be able to designate a channel to each loop (say loop 2 to 6 then out on chan1, and also loop 4 to 7 then out on chan2). Noise is an issue as well, it will be used for a custom monitoring/radio data system. I have been looking into FPGA chips as well as PIC chips but not really sure if I need all that. Does anyone here have any thoughts?

    I would really like to have this done with discreet components but it seems a bit much for that. I have been able to build a device like this using relays. But, could never come up with a way to move the placement of the loops in the chain. USB or Comm port control would be an added bonus. Thanks to anyone with any ideas!!! Sorry if I left something out or am going about this the wrong way. I'm completely self educated when it comes to EE and design...
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