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Anealing, softening

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    Hi, would anyone know the temperature required to soften an 8mm allen key?

    I want to machine the end and thread it, from what I can gather, I need to heat it, then let it slowly cool.

    I have access to an electric muffle furnace, goes to 1200°C

    I know I could use hex stock, but the allen key is just the right size.:smile:

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    I'd have to pull out my tool steels reference at work tomorrow morning. You would most likely be fine getting above the transformation temperature (920C IIRC) and furnace cooling after that. The only drawback to this is that the entire wrench is going to be annealed.

    Are you stuck on doing the machining yourself? We thread hardened shafts and tools all the time. It's not difficult if you have the right tools. Do you know if there is a thread grinding shop anywhere near you? They could do it and probably would not cost you too terribly much. Just a thought.
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    stuck on the machining

    Hi, I'm machining the parts myself, with no budget, but lots of ideas &

    I did a bit of googling and came up with a rough solution.

    here goes,

    If I do a spark test on the allen key, I should get an idea of the carbon content.

    Knowing the carbon content gives me a starting point for the temp.

    All I have to do then is find/work out the time the part should be soaked for
    (1 hr/inch?)

    Am I on the right track? if so this would be good for future ref.

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    Yes. You're on the right track. Really, a small part like an allen wrench would be completely annealed in an hour. As far as the temp, I'll have to look that one up.
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