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Annealing of grade 2 Ti foils

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    Hello, I'm having a hard time stamping and annealing grade 2 Ti foils (0.0125mm thickness). The ductility appears to decrease significantly after I vacuum anneal the Ti foil after stamping. I'm running them at a vacuum of 10-6, 700 deg C for 2 hrs and I seem to be making them worse than if I don't anneal them at all. I'm looking for a fully annealed part after stamping. Any ideas on how I can achieve this?
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    It sounds like you are annealing, but not stress relieving. Any heating up can add stress to the material. 700C @ 2 hr, is correct for annealing, then cool, then heat to 550-575C (1000-1100F) for 15-30min, then re-cool. This will help relieve stress, you have to do similar processes in steel. Feel free to double check my math, our ovens are in F.
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    Are you allowing it to cool down slowly?
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