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  1. A

    Determine acclimation time for metals

    A little background: Inspection room is kept at 20 C +/-2 C. Temperature gauge is accurate to +/-.5 C. Outside ambient temperature where parts are kept can vary from 5 C to 38 C. One part in particular is a rotor made of 4340 steel, ~2350mm long, average diameter of 115mm, and weighs ~ 650lbs...
  2. P

    How steel fails?

    I have a question about the nature of steel. As I understand it to measure the bending strength of a rod of steel there is the yield strength and the tensile strength. On a plotted line for the elastic modulus there is the elastic part to start. Anywhere on this part of the graph a load can be...
  3. Quentin_alex

    Engineering Materials engineer in the military as a civilian

    What is it like to work as a materials engineer as a civilian with the Department of Defense?
  4. C

    Amorphous metal

    Hello, I've been thinking about if amorphous metal (aka metallic glass) could created by using regular electroplating or if it has to be created by rapid cooling of the metal after molten. There is a method which a thin layer of metal powder is applied to a flat surface where a laser beam melts...
  5. K

    Is EN353 cold forgeable as much as SCM420

    Hi, We are doing a gear box for a two wheeler (for the first time). Most of our benchmarks are of Suzuki and Honda bikes. All their gears are made of SCM420. Surprising part is these gear teeth are formed by cold forging. No machining at all! Now, I was comparing the chemical composition of...
  6. S

    Annealing of grade 2 Ti foils

    Hello, I'm having a hard time stamping and annealing grade 2 Ti foils (0.0125mm thickness). The ductility appears to decrease significantly after I vacuum anneal the Ti foil after stamping. I'm running them at a vacuum of 10-6, 700 deg C for 2 hrs and I seem to be making them worse than if I...
  7. A

    Engineering Engineering Career Guidance needed

    Hi Everybody, I have often found myself reading through the discussions on these forums but never ended up taking part. I came here today because I desperately need career path/education advise. Many of the people who regularly post on these forums appear to be very knowledgeable so I cant...
  8. hernando Jose

    Is there a table of Viscosity vs Temp for metals (liquid state)?

    [moderator's note: I've decided to allow this question despite the lack of the formatting template - gneill] ladies and gentlemen, my most cordial greeting to you. i write here cause i need a viscosity vs Temperature data table about liquid metals (more specific pure Post-transition metal...
  9. N

    Thickness of components for equal strength

    Homework Statement Givens: - Each of the 2 cylindrical posts are 0.5 inches thick. - The posts and chain links are made of galvanized steel of identical material composition. - The posts and chain links are solid. - Each post is permanently fixed to unbreakable surfaces. The surfaces will move...
  10. F

    Would 17-4ph h900 resist snapping better that harded D2 TS?

    Continually breaking a 0.236 dia. pin wrench, tightening a threaded collet-closer in high speed production application. Both ends of 1/2" D2 tool steel, turned down to create pin wrench, one end is bent at 60 degree angle, to allow an awkward reach sometimes necessary. D2 TS is then hardened &...
  11. MexChemE

    Energy balance on metallurgical furnace

    Homework Statement Pure iron sulfide (FeS2) is fed into an Herreshoff furnace at 25 °C. An 83% of excess air is also fed into the furnace at 25 °C. The solid product consists only of Fe2O3. The solid product reaches a temperature of 1832 °C, and the exhaust gases (8.7% SO2, 9.8% O2, 81.5% N2)...
  12. MexChemE

    Pyrite roasting -- Mass balance with chemical reaction

    Homework Statement A certain pyrite ore contains 85% of FeS2 and 15% of inerts. This ore is introduced into a roasting furnace with 20% excess air, in order to oxidize the FeS2 in the reaction: \textrm{FeS}_2 + \frac{11}{4}\textrm{O}_2 \rightarrow \frac{1}{2}\textrm{Fe}_2 \textrm{O}_3 +...