Ansoft Maxwell Problem in Assigning Excitation of Current

In summary, the conversation discusses an issue with assigning a current excitation on a coil plane in Ansoft Maxwell. The user received an error message and is seeking help from others. Suggestions are given to check the company website and search for solutions online. A specific thread and Google search page are also provided for further assistance.
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As the picture showed, when I assigned a current excitation on the coil plane( pink one in image), Ansoft Maxwell alert ”current1 can not assigned on the entity of type face". This is incredible as I take the process completely based on the book!


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Can anyone else help me?:confused:

1. What is Ansoft Maxwell Problem in Assigning Excitation of Current?

Ansoft Maxwell Problem in Assigning Excitation of Current is a simulation software used in the field of electromagnetics to analyze and design electrical and electronic systems. It allows users to assign excitation of current to different components in a system and simulate their behavior under various conditions.

2. How does Ansoft Maxwell handle assigning excitation of current?

Ansoft Maxwell uses a finite element method to handle assigning excitation of current. This method discretizes the system into small elements and calculates the behavior of each element under the applied current excitation.

3. What types of current excitations can be assigned in Ansoft Maxwell?

Ansoft Maxwell allows users to assign various types of current excitations, including DC, AC, transient, and harmonic. Users can also specify the frequency and amplitude of the current excitation.

4. Can Ansoft Maxwell simulate the behavior of a system with multiple current excitations?

Yes, Ansoft Maxwell can handle multiple current excitations in a system. Users can assign different excitations to different components and simulate their combined behavior.

5. Are there any limitations to assigning excitation of current in Ansoft Maxwell?

There are some limitations to assigning excitation of current in Ansoft Maxwell. The accuracy of the simulation may be affected by factors such as the complexity of the system, the material properties of the components, and the mesh size used in the simulation. Users should carefully consider these factors when assigning current excitations in Ansoft Maxwell.

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